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Deepen Our Focus   

Our goal is to ensure that all learners build conceptual understanding, improve their ability to problem solve, and develop fluency and flexibility in their mathematical thinking.

Authentic Problem Solving    

Problem solving is central to learning mathematics. By learning to solve problems and by learning through problem solving, students are given numerous opportunities to connect mathematical ideas and to develop conceptual understanding. Authentic problem Solving allows students to use the knowledge they bring to school and helps them connect mathematics with situations outside the classroom.’ ­
   ~ Adapted from The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1­8: Mathematics

Essential Practices   

The Essential Practices are a collection of instructional structures and strategies that Simcoe County District School Board has adopted as guidelines for exemplary practice at the school and classroom levels. These practices, grounded in research evidence, have been carefully chosen to provide optimum learning conditions for all students.

Conceptual Understanding    

“Both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency are necessary and interact in ways that deepen understanding.” ~ Chris Suurtamm ­ Challenges Facing Mathematics Education.

Procedural fluency refers to knowledge of procedures, knowledge of when and how to use them appropriately, and skill in performing them flexibly, accurately, and efficiently. Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics, National Research Council. When students have conceptual understanding of a mathematical idea it means that the mathematics makes sense to them in a way that is connected to their prior knowledge and real world experiences.

Reflective Practice   

We are a community of learners committed to continuous improvement in the learning and teaching of mathematics. Educators engage in collaborative inquiries and professional learning that focus on the implementation of effective instructional strategies that promote student learning of mathematics.

What it Looks Like in the Classroom    
  • modelling with manipulatives
  • online graphing software
  • iPad apps
  • online collaboration tools
  • audio and video recording methods