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Math Action Plan     

SCDSB Numeracy Goal: If we as a community of learners have daily opportunities to solve problems, supported by technology enabled learning environments, essential practices and learning skills, then we will demonstrate creativity, critical thinking and conceptual understanding in learning and life. 
The SCDSB Math Action Plan is grounded in our mission, “We inspire and empower learning for life and vision, “A community of learners achieving full potential.” It supports our numeracy goal, as well as the goals in the Ministry Math Action Plan, to improve student learning and develop successful lifelong learners with strong problem solving skills and confidence.

From all of our current assessment data, it is clear that:
  • our students do very well in basic knowledge and skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • our students require more support to apply these skills to higher-level problem solving.
This Math Action Plan is based on the understanding that supporting student learning is a collective responsibility of all educators, parents and community partners. It reflects our best NEW learning and is an ongoing learning journey. To learn more, please click the links in each of the four quadrants of the graphic to the right or use the links to the left.

Image Map Inspire positive math mindsets Deepen our focus Innovate creative ways to learn math Customize our support