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Goals and Reporting

Student success and wellbeing are at the core of everything we do. 


Our mission statement: Our vision:
We inspire​ and empower learning for life. ​​ ​A community of learners achieving full potential.




The Simcoe Path: Planning for Student Success""

Our strategic plan, The Simcoe Path, sets the direction for the system. 

The current strategic plan was approved in September 2010.  The plan was developed with input from trustees, staff , parents, community members and students.

The strategic planning process is now underway to update the strategic plan to guide our work going forward. 

Goals and Directions

Goal ► Relevant, purposeful learning supporting high achievement, well-being and learning for life

Direction: Conduct ongoing review and monitoring of the annual Board Learning Plan with a focus on:

  • Demonstrated improvement in the indicators of student success JK – Grade 12 and in continuing education
  • Evidence of professional learning communities targeting:
    • differentiated instruction, assessment and evaluation
    • evidence-based, collaborative instructional practice
  • Supported integration of technology for teaching and learning
  • Design and delivery of effective and appropriate programs which meet individual learner needs
  • Engaging parents and community partners in supporting student learning

Goal ► Inclusive, equitable and safe learning and working environments


  • Integrate “Commit to Character” attributes in teaching, learning and leading
  • Promote and sustain safe, healthy, respectful and welcoming learning and working environments
  • Include the voices of our diverse communities
  • Understand, identify and remove the barriers in order to achieve student sense of belonging and future prospects
  • Lead in global, environmental and socially responsible citizenship
  • Promote shared leadership with school and community partners

Goal ► Responsible stewardship of resources


  • Recruit, develop and retain employees dedicated to personal and professional excellence to support student achievement and well-being
  • Attract and develop competent and creative system leaders
  • Cultivate student voice, leadership and participation in the community
  • Align resources intentionally to board priorities
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Manage risk
  • Ensure accountability and transparency in all practices

Goal ► Confidence in public education


  • Communicate in order to build relationships, inform and educate
  • Promote public education through the work and achievements of students and staff
  • Share the responsibility for inspiring confidence 
  • Understand and serve our stakeholders and community
  • Welcome public engagement
  • Seek opportunities for purposeful partnerships
  • Ensure integrated, timely and strategic responses
  • Celebrate our success

Action Plans

Our goals and directions are supported through action plans led by the Senior Administrative team.  These plans are categorized under two main headings: Leading Learning and Leading Services for Learning.

Leading Learning


Leading Services for Learning


More reports

We report on our work annually through our report to the community.

Our budget process and audited financial statements provide financial accountability. 

The Capital Plan includes information on current and recommended projects, including proposed new schools, accommodation reviews and attendance area reviews.

A commitment to continuous improvement

Our planning and reporting practices are based on the requirements in the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act.  As lifelong learners, we strive for continuous improvement and will make revisions to our planning and reporting practices to continue to increase transparency and accountability.