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Frequently Asked Questions


We've compiled the list below based on questions that people often ask us. If you have a question that you don't see on this list please email to submit it. Use the filter below to see just one category of questions, like Transportation, Assessments or Careers. 


  • How do I find and apply for jobs with the SCDSB?

    All current openings are posted on our Careers page, which includes important information on the application process. Applications are only accepted through Apply to Education. Through Apply to Education, you can sign up for email alerts that notify you when new positions have been posted.​

  • Do you have to be on the supply list (occasional teacher) in order to be considered for a permanent teaching position or for an LTO position?

    For both elementary and secondary, you must be on the supply list to be considered for all Long Term Occasional (LTO) and Contract positions.

    In addition to being on the supply list, regulation 274 states that you must also be on the LTO roster in order to be eligible for LTO positions.  To be eligible to apply for the LTO roster you must be on the supply list a minimum of 10 months and worked the equivalent of 20 full supply days with the Board.  

    In order to be eligible for contract positions you must have successfully completed an LTO of 4 consecutive months or longer (do not have an unsatisfactory evaluation) and be qualified for the position.  In the event there are no applicants to an LTO or contract position from the LTO roster, first consideration would be given to qualified applicants from the supply list.

  • I've been working for a different school board. Will my previous experience be reflected in the SCDSB pay grid, or would my pay level be based upon 0 years of experience?

    LTO and Contract work completed in another board would be reflected in your pay level.​

  • How often does the supply list open up? Are there general times of the year that occasional teaching positions become available?

    The supply list opens when there are openings on the list, which could happen at any time of the year.​

  • How can I be notified when there are new career opportunities?

    You can either sign up for email alerts through, or visit our Subscription page and sign up for our Careers alerts that notify you when a new job has been posted.​