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Clements, WayneTrustee - Adjala-Tosorontio, Essa & CFB Borden

Wayne Clements
Address 1170 Hwy 26, Midhurst ON Phone Number 705-229-6195 Email Schools Listing


Adjala Central PS
Angus Morrison ES
Baxter Central PS
Pine River ES
Tosorontio Central PS


Nottawasaga Pines SS

Alternative Secondary School

Essa Campus

Trustee Representation Map: Adjala-Tosorontio, Essa, CFB Borden

Why do you believe public education is important?

A public education system means that every child, regardless of economic status, race, religious beliefs, has equal access to a bright future. By integrating children from different backgrounds, children learn that we really are all the same.
The best thing about the Simcoe County District School Board is –

The best thing about the SCDSB is the staff. I can only speak about the small handful I have met but they have all been enthusiastic, smart and have the best interest of the children at heart. They have all been very eager to answer the many questions I have asked.

A note from Wayne Clements:

School is much different than when I was a student. No longer is a classroom a row of desks where teachers simply stand at the front, giving information, hoping that some of it will sink in. More than ever it is very important that parents be involved with their child's education.  Don't wait for parent teacher meetings to find out there may be a problem. Check in with your child to see what they are being taught in school and if they are actually learning it. If you are not convinced call the teacher to discuss your feelings.