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Environmental Investment Program


The Environmental Investment Program (EIP) allows school green teams make significant contributions to their school’s environmental footprint by encouraging them to implement environmental initiatives such as energy conservation, minimizing waste or greening their schoolyard. The EIP provides funding to schools to implement projects that will improve the environment.

To be considered for funding, schools submit their project ideas to the Environmental Programs Advisory Committee (EPAC) by completing an application form online in the fall.

Project Categories

There are many different types of projects schools can do to help improve the environment. The categories outlined below are intended to be used as only a guideline to show project possibilities. Projects may fall into more than one category.
Energy Conservation
Projects that help to reduce the energy consumption of the school.
Example: Students may do a lights out campaign.
Waste Minimization
Projects that help to reduce the amount of waste generated by the school community.
Example: Implement a litterless lunch campaign focusing on Reducing and Reusing lunch containers.
Schoolyard Greening
Projects that help to beautify the school grounds, provide shade and provide natural vegetation for indigenous species.
Example: Install a butterfly garden along a walking path.
Environmental Awareness Campaigns
Projects that focus on providing awareness about the environment.
Example: Anti-idling on school grounds education programs or implementing Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS).

How to Apply

Green Teams (teaching staff, students, custodian, administration) work together to fill out application forms.  Application forms will be made available on the SCDSB staff website each fall.

Each successful project will receive a maximum of $2,000. Green teams are asked to report back on their project experience and outcomes.

For further information, please contact the Environmental Systems Coordinator.