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Blended Learning 
Blended Learning is the use of technology and online tools to support learning in the classroom.

21st century skills for today’s students  
Today’s students have grown up with technology—it’s a regular part of their lives. By bringing technology into the classroom, we can tap into students’ interests and build on their skills.
Under the direction and supervision of teachers, students are empowered to guide their own learning. Through Blended Learning, we extend learning beyond the classroom and the school day. Our students can connect, collaborate and learn anywhere, anytime.
The skills students develop through the Blended Learning approach help prepare them for post-secondary studies or to enter the workplace. We want our students to be confident, innovative and globally competitive lifelong learners. 
The 6Cs of the 21st century classroom  
Creativity    |    Communication    |    Collaboration    |    Critical thinking    |    Citizenship    |    Character

Ways technology is used through Blended Learning 
  • Class or student blogs
  • Discussion groups/homework forums
  • Research
  • Multimedia production
  • Teleconference/webinars
  • App design and development