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About eLearning Students Parents Courses FAQs
What is eLearning?
eLearning allows students the opportunity to earn Ontario high school credits online, anywhere. eLearning teachers are certified, experienced and committed to student success.
eLearning Ontario is a project of the Ministry of Education that provides eLearning courses and educational resources to school boards. This gives school boards new ways to teach Ontario's curriculum and help their students succeed.
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Attendance Expectations for Students
Regular attendance is extremely important for students to stay engaged with their course, classmates and teacher.  The attendance expectations for online courses are similar to traditional in-school courses. 
Teachers track attendance as students log in during the week. Students are expected to log in to their courses daily with a minimum of once per week.
Teachers will be in continual contact with students through email and online discussions. If attendance becomes a concern, teachers will contact parents.
What can I do to help?
Parents and guardians, you can help your child learn by:
  • showing interest in education and in their progress
  • discussing their work and academic progress with the teacher
  • praising their efforts and accomplishments
  • discussing various aspects of school work and activities with a positive and supportive manner
  • setting up an appropriate homework area, providing appropriate materials and limiting distractions
  • helping them find the best time to do homework
  • asking them to explain the assignment to you
  • monitoring their homework and providing assistance where needed
  • letting them do the work on their own before helping
  • helping them draw up a schedule to complete homework or a major project balanced with family time and extra-curricular activities
  • developing awareness of the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum

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