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Barrie Central Collegiate kicks off series of empowerment events with Girls’ Day on Dec. 12December 11, 2013 Category: School EventsBack to News Page

Barrie Central Collegiate is planning a series of activities devoted to both males and females to discuss empowerment, personal and civic responsibility, self-image, respect and overcoming barriers to success.

The first event, called Girls’ Day, takes place Dec. 12 from 8 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. The day starts off with keynote speaker Eva Olsson, Holocaust survivor, talking about the female legacy. Breakout sessions follow and are facilitated by Barrie Central’s female teaching staff, along with educational assistants and community support workers.

The Dec. 12 event will provide a forum to discuss thoughts, opinions, experiences and aspirations in a safe and caring environment, in both large and small group settings.

“Providing an objective perspective and hearing about the personal experiences of mentors will help girls develop their own positive statements,” says Maria Maccarone, teacher and event organizer at Barrie Central. “This will initiate the changes needed to rise above personal circumstances that may otherwise limit their success inside and outside of school.”

In the afternoon, the school will show Girl Rising, a docu-drama which focuses on the triumphs of nine girls from around the world who use education to initiate positive change in their lives.

“The hope for these events is to create a culture of encouragement, self-motivation and reflection,” says Gregory Brucker, Principal of Barrie Central. “Our staff, as well as the keynote speaker, will reinforce that a more tender, kind attitude toward everyone, male and female, is absolutely essential in order for us to gain respect and equal consideration by all people.”

Future events in February and May 2014 will address junior girls as well as the boys at Barrie Central.

Maria Maccarone, Teacher, Barrie Central Collegiate
705-726-1846 x40565