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Baxter Central PS students create “Comfortable Clothing Day” to support equity and create awarenessMay 14, 2018 Category: School EventsBack to News Page

​This school year, a Grade 2 class at Baxter Central Public School has been learning about social movements to promote equity. The students decided they wanted to tackle a social issue and create an awareness and support campaign. The class choose a person's right to pick clothing that they find emotionally and physically comfortable, and decided to create Comfortable Clothing Day, taking place on May 17.

“We created Comfortable Clothing Day to encourage and support people to wear clothing that they find physically and emotionally comfortable,” said the Baxter Central students. “During our learning, we were surprised to find out that some people were made to wear high heels and uncomfortable clothing for their jobs. We also think that it is wrong to pressure people to wear name brands or other types of clothing, just because that is what other people wear.”

As part of the media studies curriculum, the students explored sexist dress codes, name brand pressure, judgment of religious or cultural clothing, and gendered clothing. 

Other schools that have committed to Comfortable Clothing Day include Banting Memorial HS, Bear Creek SS, Boyne River PS, Cookstown Central PS, Nottawasaga Pines SS, Pine River ES and W.C. Little ES.

At the Township of Essa Council meeting on April 18, a proclamation in support of Comfortable Clothing Day was passed. The Essa Public Library and Living Faith United Church have also pledged to take part on May 17.

Andrew Morrison, Special Education Resource Teacher
Baxter Central Public School