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Curriculum and Assessment    

The Ontario Ministry of Education sets curriculum and achievement standards for all publicly funded schools in Ontario. Ontario Curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 12 can be found on the Ministry website at Read the Policy and Program Requirements.

Learning Assessment & Reporting

The primary purpose of assessment and reporting is to improve student learning. Reporting to parents through the report card process provides information about:
  • student achievement of the curriculum expectations (grade and comment)
  • student demonstration of specific learning skills
  • student attendance including times late and days absent if applicable,
  • information about second language programming and special learning needs
Report Cards
Elementary: Elementary school progress reports are sent home in November with a focus on learning skills. Report cards are sent home in February and June. In addition, student/teacher/parent conferences are held in the fall.

Secondary: Secondary school progress reports are provided in October and March just prior to student/teacher/parent conferences, with midterm reports in November and April and final reports prepared in February and July. Non-semestered courses are reported on each school term.

Report Card Format
Progress Report Sample 

Important Dates - 2017-2018 School Year   

Elementary Schools​ ​ Secondary Schools​ ​ ​ ​
Semester 1 Semester 2​
Nov. 10, 2017​: Progress Report​​ October 2017*: Progress Report​ March 2018*: Progress Report​​
Feb. 16, 2018:​ Report Card 1​​ Nov. 20, 2017: ​​ Mid Term Report ​ April 30, 2018: Mid Term Report​
Jun. 27, 2018: Report Card 2​​ Nov. 27, 2017: Full Disclosure​​ May 7, 2018: Full Disclosure​
Feb. 16, 2018: Final Report​​ By July 5, 2018: Final Report​​
* Exact dates are determined by each secondary school.