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Safety Plans   

There are two types of Safety Plans

Safety Plan
A Safety Plan must be written for students whose behaviour poses a risk of injury to themselves and/or others. A Safety Plan is a pre-determined plan of action developed by staff, in consultation with parent/guardian(s). The Safety Plan documents non-physical prevention and intervention strategies, but does not address medical concerns. If physical intervention is required to prevent or minimize injury, strategies are outlined in the plan following Behaviour Management Systems Training (BMS) protocol. It must be accompanied with an individual education plan (IEP) and developed based on behaviour data tracking. The Safety Plan is a working document, modified as necessary and must be kept in the Ontario Student Record (OSR).

Phased Safety Plan
This plan is used for a small number of students who pose significant safety concern and risk of injury to themselves or
others. The plan provides a clear outline of how the student looks and sounds during the four phases of behaviour escalation. It also outlines how staff are to respond during each phase. This plan is used to provide additional detail on how to support the student during and after an escalation of behaviours. It must be accompanied with an IEP and developed based on behaviour data tracking. 

What is the parent’s role?  

The principal of your child’s school may recommend that a Safety Plan be written for your child. As a parent/guardian you can offer valuable information by sharing some strategies that are used at home to prevent safety concerns. When the safety concerns for your child have been resolved, they will no longer require a Safety Plan. 

Other Related Plans  

Behaviour Support Plan
A Behaviour Support Plan outlines individualized expectations for student behaviour and the resulting positive reinforcement and/or progressive discipline. It is developed and implemented in conjunction with the student and parent/guardian(s).

Medical Plan
A Medical Plan describes the necessary interventions in the event of an emergency for a medical condition as outlined by a physician (e.g. seizures, diabetes, allergies, choking, and heart condition).

Emergency Plan
An Emergency Plan outlines the procedures that are to occur in the case of a school emergency (e.g. fire drill, lockdown, tornado, etc.) for students and/or staff who require specialized assistance.