2020-21 EcoSchools

Ontario EcoSchool certifications earned by 18 SCDSB schools in 2020-21
Posted on 06/21/2021

Schools across the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) were awarded 18 Ontario EcoSchools certifications this school year. Each elementary, secondary and alternative secondary school that participated in the program went above and beyond, adapting to the challenges of this school year in order to achieve certification. 

This school year, the SCDSB achieved:

  • Seven platinum (Ardagh Bluffs PS, Barrie North CI, Connaught PS, Hillsdale ES, Lake Simcoe PS, Nantyr Shores SS, Orchard Park ES)
  • Eight gold (Admiral Collingwood PS, Boyne River PS, Chris Hadfield PS, Codrington PS, Minesing Central PS, Simcoe Alternative SS – Bradford Campus, Warnica PS, West Bayfield PS)
  • One silver (Forest Hill PS)
  • One bronze (Johnson Street PS)
  • One participant (Huron Park PS)

Ontario EcoSchools status is obtained by implementing environmental initiatives within schools, including recycling programs, waste-free lunches, energy conservation programs and school ground greening projects. Certification promotes hands-on actions that students can take to make their schools more environmentally friendly. 

This initiative links directly to the SCDSB’s Strategic Priorities under the pillars of well-being and community.

Jessica Kukac, Environment and Sustainability Coordinator, SCDSB
705-734-6363 x11514