SCDSB Update 2 – September 22, 2021

SCDSB Update 2 – September 22, 2021
Posted on 09/23/2021

This update provides highlights of the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) Board Meeting held Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Agendas and/or reports considered at this meeting are available at

Report from the Student Trustees
Student Trustee Goneau provided an update on behalf of the student trustees. Student Trustee Goneau shared that the Student Senate met virtually on September 22 with 13 students from six different schools in attendance. Student Trustee Goneau thanked Chair Lloyd for presenting at the Student Senate meeting about the importance of women in politics and giving back to the community. 

Report from the Closed Session of the Board in Committee of the Whole
The Board ratified the following recommendations taken in the Closed Session meeting of the Committee of the Whole on Wednesday, September 22, 2021:

  1. That the Board approve the school administrator appointments as set out in Report No. CL-HR-D-1, School Administrator Appointments, dated September 8, 2021.
  2. That the Board approve the school administrator appointments as set out in Report No. CL-B-2-a, School Administrator Appointments, dated September 22, 2021.

    Elementary Principal appointment effective October 1, 2021
    Justin Weller from W.H. Day E.S. (VP) to Adjala Central P.S. (Acting)

    Elementary Vice-principal appointment effective October 1, 2021
    Leslie Marjerrison from Ardagh Bluffs P.S. (Teacher) to W.H. Day E.S. (Acting)

Other Reports Received as Information
D-6-a Program – September 8, 2021
D-6-b Human Resources – September 8, 2021
D-6-c SEAC – June 14, 2021
D-6-d PIC – May 18, 2021
D-6-e SEAC – May 10, 2021

Staff Reports

D-7-a Athletics Update
Daryl Halliday, Superintendent of Education, provided an update on extracurriculars and athletics at the SCDSB. Superintendent Halliday noted that the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has approved a cautious return to sports and extracurriculars at both the elementary and secondary levels. Superintendent Halliday shared the health and safety protocols for students, coaches and spectators, and noted the benefits of sport for both the physical and mental well-being of students.  

Questions and Proposal from Trustees
Trustee Beacock requested that the SCDSB Board of Trustees write a letter to the Minister of Education requesting that the Ministry of Education cover the cost of feminine hygiene products for students.

Trustee Snell requested clarification regarding learning mode options in the event that a student is required to remain home due to symptoms of COVID-19.

Trustee Beitz requested clarification regarding masks and health and safety protocols.

Reports/Update from Staff
Brian Jeffs, Superintendent of Human Resource Services, provided an update on vaccination attestation data for SCDSB staff. Superintendent Jeffs shared that the attestation requirements apply to 7,290 staff and noted that the staff for whom the policy applies fluctuates based on the number of casual staff who accept positions with the SCDSB. Superintendent Jeffs shared that 6,375 or 87.5 percent of staff have attested to being fully vaccinated.  

John Dance, Director of Education, shared his appreciation for all staff who have contributed to a safe and positive return to school this September. Director Dance noted that the results of the student and staff census will be shared with trustees over the course of the next year. Director Dance commented on the opening of Maple Ridge Secondary School and noted that the state-of-the-art facility has generated much excitement in the community. Director Dance spoke about the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (Ophea) Healthy Schools program and its alignment with the SCDSB Strategic Priorities, noting that he has encouraged all SCDSB schools to get involved.

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