Student wellness

Contact us for mental health and well-being support

Student wellness is a way for students, parents/guardians to reach out and find help for themselves or their child(ren). The service receives messages that are shared with the appropriate mental health and well-being staff for follow-up. The staff follow existing board and school protocols, and information shared about mental health concerns and needs remain confidential.

Please do not submit a request for urgent or emergency support.  The SCDSB does not provide emergency crisis service and the forms are only checked during business hours. Please refer to Get Help – Resources within Simcoe County for urgent and emergency support information. 

In case of an emergency, call 911.

*Student's full name

*Student's school

*Parent/guardian's full name

*Email where you can be contacted 

*Parent/guardian's phone number

*Please provide a full description of your request.

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