Pupil Accommodation Reviews

A Pupil Accommodation Review is used in situations with declining enrolment. They address enrolment, programming and facility condition challenges. This involves reviewing two or more schools together to determine an accommodation solution, which may include closing school(s) and consolidating students. It’s a longer process that involves an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) made up of parent, student and school representatives, and various opportunities for community input.

The consolidation process can help increase program availability for students, and address buildings where the facility condition isn’t ideal or there is underutilized space.

Current Pupil Accommodation Reviews


There are no current accommodation reviews.

Upcoming Pupil Accommodation Reviews


There are no upcoming accommodation reviews.

Completed Pupil Accommodation Reviews


See past pupil accommodation reviews on our Capital Planning Archive page.

Ministry Documents

Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines

Guide to Pupil Accommodation Reviews

Administrative Review of Accommodation Process

SCDSB Policies

Policy 2313 - Pupil Accommodation Review

Policy 2345 - Community Planning and Partnerships