Learning resources for students and families

A voluntary learn at home option will be available for students whose parents/guardians determine that they do not want their child to return to in-school learning. The SCDSB is awaiting further details from the Ministry of Education regarding at home/distance learning. The Ministry of Education guide to reopening Ontario’s schools can be found here: www.ontario.ca/page/guide-reopening-ontariosschools#section-3
Additional information
  • Students who are participating in remote learning may be clustered in 'classes' from multiple schools.
  • Attendance will be taken for students participating in remote learning.
  • Those who select remote learning may have to remain in that learning environment until a natural term transition in order to allow for consistent organization of schools and classrooms.
  • The natural term transition time to move between in-class and remote learning is February 2021.
  • Students will be provided with a daily schedule of subjects/courses according to a 5-hour instructional day with opportunities for frequent, live contact with a teacher and expectations for synchronous learning (real-time).
  • Learning will be based on overall expectations across all subjects/courses and grades.
  • The SCDSB has purchased additional technology to support students whose families select remove learning but do not have access to support it. Distribution of technology will be facilitated at the school level at the beginning of the school year.


Distance learning resources

Support by subject