Recruitment process

The recruitment process encompasses how we screen and select for job opportunities. The SCDSB believes in a diverse and inclusive workforce with a variety of backgrounds, knowledge, skills and qualifications. Please note that should you require it, accessibility accommodations can be made during the recruitment process. 


All applications must be submitted electronically to a specific job posting through the Apply To Education website. There is a registration fee, and if you continue to apply for jobs with the SCDSB, it must be renewed annually. Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



Applications are reviewed based on the required experience, education and qualifications of each position. Ensure your qualifications (e.g. proof of diploma or degree) are up to date in your profile and that you include all information requested in the posting (e.g. OCT number, diploma/degree). 

Each collective agreement provides direction on how candidates to interview are selected. Where the position is a non-unionized, interviews will be conducted with selected candidates based on their qualifications, skills and experience. 

For teaching positions, applications are also considered in accordance with Ontario Regulation 274.


The SCDSB practices behavioural interviewing, which uses the Behavioural Interviewing© method, for all job interviews. Using this method, the interviewers are able to discover during an interview what the candidate has done in his/her past and/or present work-related experiences and are then better able to predict how the person will perform in the future in a particular position. When using the Behavioural Interviewing© method, interviewers ask questions to gather examples from the candidate to demonstrate specific job-related skills. The questions are developed based on a clear understanding of both the performance skills and the technical job skills/job knowledge that have been identified as required for the particular job. 

Panel interviews will be conducted with selected candidates. Some roles may require presentations, a review of portfolios or testing as part of the interview process. 

Supply Interviews 

Human Resource Services conducts supply interviews on a regular basis for positions such as EA, DECE, occasional teachers and custodians. SCDSB principals support this interview and decision-making process.  

Mass Recruiting 

At times the SCDSB hires a very large group at one time, in a process called a mass recruit. During mass supply recruits we often see between 300 and 400 candidates. During these periods the recruitment process may take longer than usual. Decisions are generally communicated in four business weeks. 



All candidates will be asked to provide consent for contacting their references. This may be done at time of application through the Apply to Education (ATE) posting or at the time of an interview via the Reference Consent Form.  

If you are asked to provide your references at the time of application, they may be contacted prior to an interview. The SCDSB requires two professional supervisory references. There must be a reporting relationship with the references you provide (e.g. references from a colleague would not be acceptable). We ask that you provide your references’ name, title, organization, email and phone number. Please ensure all contact information is up to date before providing your references. 

Decision making 

The interview panel will review all candidates’ interview scores, qualifications, experience, references and other applicable testing/portfolios prior to selecting a successful candidate. Decisions will follow the respected collective agreements where applicable. 

Occasional Supply Lists  

Due to the high number of candidates interviewed for occasional supply lists, the decision process may take longer than other recruits. This process typically takes three to four weeks.  


Job offer and on-boarding 

The successful candidate will be contacted with an offer and given the opportunity to accept or decline. If you are a new employee, an online orientation will be provided. Please note that a new employee cannot start in their role until a physical hard copy of an original Criminal Background Check Vulnerable Sector Screening (CBC-VSS) that is no older than 6 months is verified by SCDSB staff. 



Unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed will be notified when the successful candidate has completed the offer process. The SCDSB is open to providing interview feedback upon request. Please contact the individual who invited you to the interview or Human Resource Services ( for this information.