Welcome to Kindergarten Connections!
Published on Oct 30, 2023 13:36

Kindergarten Connections

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Hello future Kindergarten families!

Welcome to Kindergarten Connections. We are so excited to meet your
child and watch them learn and grow. School is a fun and exciting place
where we play inside and outside, read stories, and sing songs. We also
learn to count, write, build, and be creative. It will be awesome! 
As you prepare for your child to begin their educational journey, we
understand you may have questions and considerations. One of the
biggest questions we hear is what does a day in Kindergarten look like?
Let’s take a look! This is Kindergarten in the SCDSB.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres across Simcoe County offer programs
for children prenatal to six years of age and their parents/guardians. They
offer access to play and inquiry-based learning, information on child
development and developmental screening, parent/guardian education,
referrals to community resources, nutrition information, and post-natal
resources. Connect to your local EarlyON provider here.

Speech and language development is one of the most critical school
readiness skills. Supporting your child in developing their oral language
skills will help them when they begin school. A simple strategy to help
develop oral language is to strive for five! When conversing with your
child, focus on five back and forth interactions throughout the
conversation. In other words, having five turns in a conversation using
sentences or non-verbal responses. Try it out; ask your child what they
notice about the leaves. As they answer, respond with more questions to
keep the conversation going.

Looking forward to connecting with you again next month!

The Kindergarten Team