The Ministry of Education ventilation strategy is one element of multiple protective strategies being employed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to support healthier and safer learning environments. 

As part of the school board ventilation strategy, the SCDSB has implemented the following measures to optimize indoor air quality: 

  • Comprehensive system-wide recommissioning and enhanced maintenance of all HVAC equipment including cleaning, servicing, inspection and repair of all air handling equipment/components
  • Provision of additional ventilation by running systems longer, monitoring/adjusting outside air in response to indoor CO2 levels and additional outside air/air exchanges
  • Installation of new HVAC systems in portions of five schools that previously did not have mechanical ventilation to achieve mechanical ventilation in 100% of learning spaces board wide
  • Installation of HEPA filtration units in all Kindergarten classrooms, as mandated by the Ministry of Education, as well as learning spaces without mechanical ventilation pending the completion of the new HVAC capital projects noted above
  • Installation of air filters upgraded to the highest possible MERV rating in all of our HVAC systems to provide a greater level of filtration. Air filters are inspected and changed according to manufacturer’s recommendation timelines to ensure optimal filtration performance

Details about the SCDSB ventilation profile are outlined in the report below dated Sept. 2023.

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