Standardized testing in elementary and secondary school


Ontario's Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is an independent agency of the Government of Ontario. They conduct tests to measure Ontario students' achievement in reading, writing and math.

EQAO assesses students throughout their school career:

How we use the results


School and board achievement data is used to improve teaching practices and to support student learning. We look at EQAO results, along with other assessment data, when we develop the annual Board Learning Plan and our School Learning Plans.

Students who complete a provincial assessment receive an Individual Student Report (ISR). This report shows how a student performed on the assessment.

Boards receive Individual Item Reports (IIR) that identify school and board-level areas of strength and areas that require improvement.

Ranking of schools


The Fraser Institute releases an annual school ranking report. They use data from province-wide standardized tests to calculate an overall rating out of 10 for each school. While the report provides some information, it does not present a complete picture of a school’s performance and strengths. Read our tip sheet on the Fraser Institute’s rankings for more information.

Standardized assessment resources for parents and students


Grade 3
Grade 6
Grade 9 Mathematics
OSSLT (Grade 10)

EQAO posts results from all schools and boards in the province.