Advanced Placement

Grade 11 and 12 students at 11 SCDSB high schools have the option to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

The courses are designed to cover the Ontario curriculum, while providing accelerated and advanced level programming to prepare students to write American College Board examinations. Students can earn a university credit while still in high school, gain admission to university or both, depending on the university.

Students who attend the schools listed below can select the courses while completing their option sheets for next year. More information about courses is available through high school guidance departments. Each year, schools will continue to be given the opportunity to volunteer to offer advanced placement courses. 

AP courses are recognized by 90 per cent of post-secondary institutions in North America and in over 600 universities in 60 other countries around the world. 

Advanced Placement exams

Students who are interested in writing an AP exam should contact their guidance counsellor. The exams are usually administered over two weeks in May and fees are due by January prior.

2022-23 Advanced Placement courses

Planned Courses
Banting Memorial DHS

SBI3U1 - Biology
SBI4U - Biology

Barrie North CI

FSF4U - French
Pre-AP - 11U - French
MCV4U - Calculus

Bear Creek SS

MCV4U - Calculus (runs with AP Functions course)

Bradford DHS


Collingwood CI

ENG3U - Literature and Composition
ENG4U - English

Georgian Bay DHS

FEF4UP - Extended French
SBI4UP - Biology
SCH3U - Chemistry Pre-AP
SCH4U - Chemistry
SPH3UP - Physics Pre-AP (Semester 1 only)
SPH4U - Physics (Semester 1 only)

Innisdale SS

CHY4U - World History: West and the World
ICS4U - Computer Science
FSF4U - French

Nantyr Shores SS

SBI3U - Biology Pre-AP
SBI4U - Biology

Nottawasaga Pines SS

SBI4U - Biology

Orillia SS

ENG4U - English

Twin Lakes SS

MCV4UP - Calculus 

Advanced Placement Frequently Asked Questions
What are the first steps a student needs to take if they are interested in writing an AP exam?

Interested students are advised to ask their guidance counsellor what AP courses are offered at their school. Teachers can give a good sense of which courses students might consider and how they might prepare. Counsellors can help students get into the AP courses that are the best fit, as well as any courses or additional support they might need in order to enrol in AP in future years. If a course is not offered at a particular school, students have possible opportunities to take a class online (for a fee), or where space, transportation and timetables permit, students may have the opportunity to take an AP course at another secondary school.​

Does every student need to take the AP course in order to write the AP exam?

No. Students may write the exam without taking the AP course offered at their school. They may also write exams for any of the courses offered by AP Canada. Students must let the AP co-ordinator know of their intention to write a May exam early in the fall and pay the exam fee the funds by January of the year the exam is being written.​

Do universities consider all AP exam results?

No. When students enroll at university, they must alert the admissions staff that they would like their AP results used as part of the admission process of the given university. The university will then provide the student with information regarding how  their school supports AP results.

Is there a fee for taking the AP exam?

Yes. The fee for the 2015 exam is $91. Co-ordinators are responsible for collecting exam fees from students. Schools will collect the funds by January of the year the exam is being written. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the school administering the AP exam, not the College Board.

When will the AP exams occur?

The 2015 AP exams will be administered over two weeks in May: May 4 through 8 and May 11 through 15. Co-ordinators are responsible for notifying students when and where to report for the exams. Early testing or testing at times other than those published by the College Board is not permitted under any circumstances. Late testing will only occur under exceptional circumstances, and only by permission of the AP College Board.

Does the AP exam change from year to year?

Each year, the AP program develops and administers multiple versions of the AP exam for each AP subject. Each version of the exam is developed with the same format, number and type of questions, but with little-to-no overlap in the exact questions.

When can students expect to receive their scores?

After AP exams are scored at the AP reading each June, AP score reports are provided to students, their schools and their prospective colleges in July, if students have requested that their AP results are to be shared with their post-secondary destinations.

Are there any resources available on-line that students can use in addition to their AP texts and course packages?

Yes. Additional resources and practice exams are available on the AP College Board website

If I still have questions, who do I call?

Your school’s guidance staff can help you with any other questions you may have about the AP program.