Planning for High School

Starting high school is an exciting time - there will be many new opportunities and new challenges. Students enter high school with different strengths, interests, and goals. Secondary school students select courses that suit their interests and that take them towards goals through an increasingly specialized four-year program.

What to expect 

  • Many courses and programs to choose from - it's a change for you to try new things and discover your interests, skills and strengths
  • An emphasis on planning for post-secondary and career pathways
  • A wide-range of sports, activities and clubs
  • Increased dependence and responsibility
  • A greater need for time management and organization

For the first time in your school career, you get to choose some of the courses you take. It's also the time to explore what you want to do for a job when you're older. 

Four-year high school program ("34-credit threshold")

The Ministry of Education is putting in place a cap that would allow students to take up to 34 credits. Thirty credits are required to graduate, so this would allow for an additional four credits which is equivalent to a semester. For more information, please visit the Ministry website.

Curriculum and requirements

The following links provide more information about secondary school courses and graduation requirements.

Students are also required to complete 40 hours of community involvement, which will help them explore and expand interests and prepare them for responsible citizenship.

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