Operational Plan

The Operational Plan outlines goals, actions and expected outcomes that facilitate the advancement of our Strategic Priorities. 

The updated Operational Plan (August 2021) highlights our progress to date towards accomplishing our goals and provides details on how the board's priorities are being addressed by staff.

Portfolio Categories

Please note that the portfolios and goals outlined on the following pages are as of June 2021, and that portfolios will be updated to reflect current status in the January 2022 update.

Brian JeffsBusiness and Facilities

Brian Jeffs

Business and Facilities goals and outcomes

Photo of Sarah KekewichCommunications

Sarah Kekewich

Communications goals and outcomes

Photo of Douglas PaulEducational Partnerships

Charlene Scime

Educational partnerships goals and outcomes 


Photo of Daryl HallidayEquity / Safe and Welcoming Schools

Daryl Halliday

Equity / Safe and Welcoming Schools goals and outcomes

Photo of John DanceHuman Resource Services

John Dance

Human Resource Services goals and outcomes

Photo of Stuart FinlaysonIndigenous Education / Parent Involvement

Stuart Finlayson

Indigenous Education / Parent Involvement goals and outcomes

Photo of Dean MaltbyLeadership Development

Dean Maltby

Leadership Development goals and outcomes

Photo of John PlayfordAlternative and Continuing Education

John Playford

Alternative and Continuing Education goals and outcomes

Photo of Chris SamisProgram (K-6) / Special Education

Chris Samis

Program (K-6) / Special Education goals and outcomes

Photo of Dawn StephensProgram (7-12) / Information Technology / School Services

Dawn Stephens

School Services / Student Success / Program (7-12) goals and outcomes

Photo of Douglas PaulTransportation / Athletics

Douglas Paul

Transportation / Athletics goals and outcomes

Photo of Michael GiffenWell-being

Michael Giffen

Well-being goals and outcomes


2017-2022 Strategic Priorities 


Strategic Priorities

Excellence in Teaching and Learning Goals

Well-being Goals

Community Goals

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goals

Each goal within the Operational Plan includes a chart which demonstrates the connection between the goal and the Strategic Priorities. The column labels represent each Strategic Priority and the row numbers coincide with the points under each priority.
Image of Strategic Plan chart