Our quality public education system thrives on community support. Parents are key partners in the education process and the support of parents and guardians is closely linked to academic achievement.

The SCDSB Student Handbook has a wealth of information about our schools, including assessment dates, report card information, student learning, the Code of Conduct, safety in schools, healthy living tips, technology use and much more. 

Parents and guardians can help students learn by:
  • showing interest in education and in their child's progress

  • discussing their child's work and academic progress with the teacher

  • praising their child's efforts and accomplishments

  • discussing various aspects of school work and activities with their child in a positive and supportive manner

  • setting up an appropriate homework area, providing appropriate materials, and limiting distractions

  • helping their child find the best time to do homework

  • asking their child to explain the assignment to them

  • monitoring their child's homework and provide assistance where needed

  • letting their child do the work on his/her own before helping

  • helping their child draw up a schedule to complete homework or a major project balanced with family time and extra-curricular activities

  • developing awareness of the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum

  • maintaining close communication with the school

Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)

For more information, please visit our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) and School Councils web pages.

Policy 4311 - Parent Involvement Committee

705-734-6363 ext. 11366

Volunteering in Schools

Volunteers are an important part of what makes our schools great places to learn and grow. We value and appreciate the support of our volunteers. Volunteers have various roles at our schools, including:

  • School council members and participants

  • Hot lunch day organizers

  • Field trip supervisors

  • Classroom helpers

  • Kiss-n-ride supervisors

In order to be a volunteer at a SCDSB school, you must complete a criminal background check with vulnerable sector screening. Please visit your local school's office if you’re interested in volunteering and would like to know more about the opportunities available. After meeting with you, the school will provide you with the form to bring to the police department to complete your criminal background check.