Out-of-Attendance Area Request

To make a request to attend an out-of-attendance area school (a school different than the student’s designated home school), please complete the request form

Please note the following conditions for out-of-attendance area requests: 

  • The student must be registered at their designated home school prior to submitting an Out-of-Attendance area request.
  • In cases of joint custody, both parents must agree to the Out-of-Attendance area request. If a custodial parent is not in agreement, the Out-of-Attendance area request will be denied or revoked.
  • The request will be considered taking school enrolment (current actual enrolment and projections) into account, and there must be a sufficient number of pupil places at the time of the request to accommodate the students within established class-loading policies.
  • The student must not currently be subject to or under an expulsion.
  • The admission will not result in more staff within established class-loading policies.
  • The responsibility for transporting the student to and from an Out-of-Attendance area school rests entirely with the parent/guardian of a student under 18, or the student if aged 18 and over.
Schools closed to out-of-attendance area requests

A request to attend a school designated closed to out-of-attendance area students cannot be made. As detailed in the board’s Capital Plan a school may be closed to Out-of-Attendance area students: 
  1. If a school or group of schools have been involved in a recent accommodation review or an attendance review.
  2. If a school is being used as a holding school for a new school in which the board is seeking Ministry approval.
  3. If a school cannot accommodate any further pupils as a result of septic system capacity.
  4. If a capital priority approval results in the construction of a new school or a significant renovation/addition.
  5. If a school accommodates a French Immersion or Extended French program, and is significantly over capacity.
Completing the online out-of-attendance area request

Step 1:
Open the Out-of-Attendance Area Request form.

Step 2: Complete the request form. Please note, requests cannot be made to any school designated as closed to out-of-attendance area requests. Electronically sign the form and submit it. 

Step 3: Your request will be directed to the student’s designated home school principal, where it will then be forwarded to the requested school’s principal, and then to the superintendent of education for a decision. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submission of the request form is only an application to request to attend an out-of-attendance area school, and requests cannot be made to any school designated as closed to out-of-attendance area requests.