Community Use of Schools

Through our Community Use of Schools program, almost all of our school spaces are available outside of school hours for not-for-profit community groups. Our gyms, fields, auditoriums and classrooms are available for your sporting events, concerts, recitals and more.

A list of all SCDSB elementary and secondary schools, including addresses, are available on our School Search.


COVID-19 update

The SCDSB will be re-opening select secondary schools for indoor community use at a limited capacity, starting on April 19, 2022. Permit requests for the use of indoor school facilities between April 19 and June 17, 2022, will be limited to not-for-profit youth groups.

Indoor school facilities will be available Monday to Friday evenings, with a board issued time slot of 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Other restrictions include reduced equipment availability, no access to change rooms and possibly a limit to the number of permits per community group. The eight secondary schools selected are as follows:

  • Banting Memorial High School (Alliston)
  • Bear Creek Secondary School (Barrie)
  • Bradford District High School (Bradford)
  • Collingwood Collegiate Institute (Collingwood)
  • Georgian Bay District Secondary School (Midland)
  • Innisdale Secondary School (Barrie)
  • Nantyr Shores Secondary School (Innisfil)
  • Twin Lakes Secondary School (Orillia)

The online permit application system will remain closed. If your group is a not-for-profit youth group, and you are interested in submitting a request, please fill out the application form and return by email to Susan Dunlop, Community and Facility Use Coordinator, at [email protected], by April 1, 2022. If the number of applications exceeds availability, Permit Office staff will contact groups and offer a designated time slot from a randomized list. 

The SCDSB will also be accepting permit requests for outdoor school facilities. All outdoor permit requests from May 1 to October 31, 2022 will be assessed and approval will be determined based on availability and field preparation time. Please note, access to indoor school facilities, including washrooms, will not be available. The application system remains closed; therefore, please fill out the application form and submit all outdoor permit requests by email to Susan Dunlop, Community and Facility Use Coordinator, at [email protected], by April 1, 2022

Please be advised that permits are subject to current COVID-19 government guidelines and protocols; therefore, permits may need to be adjusted or cancelled accordingly. We continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as they become available. For more information, please visit the COVID-19 page, or follow us on social media (Twitter: @SCDSB_Schools or Facebook:

We anticipate receiving multiple requests for facility use and appreciate your patience as we welcome back community use. Please be aware that alternate locations or time slots may be offered as we endeavor to accommodate as many requests as possible in a fair and equitable manner. 


Submit your permit application online


Please apply online for a permit. If you have any questions, please contact the permit office (contact information is listed below).


What happens next?

A Permit Clerk will process the application and advise the applicant if the facility is available at the requested time. Once an application is approved, a rental contract will be issued and the applicant will be invoiced. A schedule of fees can be found on pages 10-16 of APM A1220.

Please note:

  • Please make an appointment before attending the Permit Office by using the contact information below.

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and an individual of 18 years of age or older must be in attendance for the duration of the rental contract.

  • No rental contracts will be available during Professional Activity (PA) Days, Christmas Break, March Break, Easter Monday and statutory holidays, except for rental contracts to carry out religious services.

  • Rental contracts will not be granted for the use of school facilities during the two weeks prior to the end of the school year, regularly scheduled maintenance projects, two weeks prior to the school year commencing and during the first week of school.

  • All rental contract holders must have liability insurance of at least $2 million and name the Simcoe County District School Board as Additional Insured.

Complete List of Permit Rules




If you wish to purchase insurance, please follow these steps:

  1. Wait to receive an eBASE notification by email indicating that your permit has been placed 'on hold' pending the provision of an insurance certificate.

  2. Purchase insurance directly from AON Reed Stenhouse. They are available to answer any questions you might have.

  3. Upload your Certificate of Insurance into eBASE and enter your insurance details.

Contact Information


Barrie, Clearview, Collingwood area schools
705-734-6363, ext. 11372

Adjala-Tosorontio, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Essa, Innisfil, Midland, New Tecumseth, Orillia, Oro-Medonte, Penetanguishene, Ramara, Severn, Springwater, Tay, Tiny and Wasaga Beach area schools
705-734-6363 ext. 11372

Manager of Planning, Enrolment and Community Use
705-734-6363, ext. 11513

Community and Facility Use Coordinator (Outreach Coordinator)

Partnership opportunity inquiries
705-734-6363, ext. 11361

If you are unsure where a school is located, please visit our School Search.

APM A1220 - Community Use Procedures

Policy 2340 - Community Use of Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions - Permits and Facility Use

When are permits required?
Permits are required for community use of school facilities on weeknights and any time on Saturdays or Sundays. No overnight events are permitted. Other restrictions may apply.
When are school facilities available during the school year?
On weekdays, indoor school facilities are generally available after 6 p.m. at elementary schools and after 7 p.m. at secondary schools. End times vary per school. School facilities may be available throughout the day on Saturdays and/or Sundays. 

Indoor school facilities can generally be booked from September to June. September start dates and June end dates vary per year. Other restrictions may apply. For example, professional activity days, March Break, Winter Break, and Easter Monday are not available for community use. Please see the permit rules for full details.
When should I submit an application for the use of indoor school facilities?
Applications for indoor permits starting in September/October should be submitted between May 16 and June 30. 

Applications for indoor summer permits should be submitted between April 1 and May 15. Summer hours differ from the hours available during the school year. School availability is limited and subject to change.
When should I submit an application for the use of outdoor school fields?
Applications for outdoor field permits should be submitted between Feb. 1  and March 1. All field requests will be assessed in the spring. 

Fields are generally booked between the months of May and October.  Field availability is subject to change each year due to field conditions and maintenance.

Can I make alterations to my application or permit?
Once an application is submitted, alterations can only be requested through the Permit Office by sending a message through the ‘discussion tab’ on the application itself or by contacting your Permit Clerk. Once a permit is approved, alteration fees, along with any other applicable permit fees may be levied.
How much notice is needed for a permit?
A minimum of two weeks notice is required to obtain an approved permit. Permit processing times may increase due to the volume of applications submitted at various times throughout the year. 
When buses are cancelled due to inclement weather are permits cancelled?

No, permits are not automatically cancelled when buses are cancelled. Permits will only be cancelled if the schools are closed or the afternoon custodial shift is cancelled. The Permit Office will contact any clients affected in these circumstances and will post cancellation notices on the board’s website. Please note that decisions to cancel afternoon custodial shifts are not made until after 12 noon.

Which schools are available for permitting in the summer?

Each summer the available school facilities change due to construction and maintenance requirements. Schools supplied by well water are not open for indoor summer permitting every year. Please note depending on the timing of your application school facilities may already be booked by other community users. School availability is subject to change due to maintenance projects.

What dates & times are the schools available for permitting in the summer?

Facilities within a school are available Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., from the first week of July up until the last two weeks prior to the school year commencing.

School fields are open May 1st to October 31st. Actual start date is dependent on field conditions. Start time is 6:30 p.m. Please note that wet field conditions may make fields unplayable during the season.

Are schools available on Fridays in the summer?

If custodial coverage can be arranged, permits may be accommodated.

Is air conditioning available and what does it cost?

Air conditioning is available at some locations only. The cost depends on the specific rooms being used and length of the permit request. Your permit clerk will be able to provide you with the cost.

When can summer permits be confirmed?

Due to summer maintenance projects, approvals and confirmations for summer requests cannot be given before June 1st. Summer availability is also subject to change after June 1st.

Can I make alterations to my summer permit?

Alterations may be accepted until June 15. After June 15, alterations will not be possible.

I want to book school space for a film or music video shoot. What do I do?

For films, please send a copy of the script and a summary of information about the film to the Community and Facility Use Coordinator for approval.

For music videos, please send a copy of the lyrics and a summary of information about the video to the Community and Facility Use Coordinator for approval.

Once you receive an approval back you can continue with the permit application process.