Fundraising and Advertising

Fundraising Guide & Vendor Application

Use the SCDSB Fundraising Resource Guide to see a listing of all board-approved suppliers to assist with your fundraising initiatives. New vendors wishing to be in this guide may complete the form and submit it to our purchasing department, using the contact information included in the form.

Food and Beverage Policy

Food and Beverage Policy Letter of Introduction
Food and Beverage Compliance Form

Advertising in Schools


Please email the following details to to request that your organization's materials be shared with schools:

  • name of your organization

  • main contact (name and telephone number)

  • information on the specific program, including a brochure/pamphlet (.pdf) if available

  • catchment area your organization wishes to advertise in

Requests should be submitted AT LEAST one month in advance of the event/program you are promoting. Superintendents will approve or deny requests to advertise in schools which are received centrally. Approvals will be given for the current school year only. Principals have the authority to approve or deny requests to advertise in their schools which are submitted to their schools.

NOTE: Advertisements which would directly encourage a student to buy a product or service for profit are not permitted. Exceptions would be school fundraising events, as outlined in the school fundraising plan. Advertisements and promotional materials must not promote a particular religion or set of beliefs. Advertisements for educational services or institutions that compete with the SCDSB's programs/services will not be approved.