Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities Title

The SCDSB is committed to creating a culture of belonging, engagement and success for all through deliberate actions in four key areas that form the Strategic Priorities: Well-being, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Community, and Excellence in Teaching and Learning. 

Rooted in the Strategic Plan are ten universal themes that reflect the voices and values of the SCDSB. These ten themes will be woven throughout our operational plans and will provide guidance and intentionality to the learning and work we do as a system: Accountability, Identity, Safety, Collaboration, Innovation, Respect, Support, Trust, Transparency and Celebration.


Our commitments:

  • We prioritize wellness and support the mental health of our students and staff

  • We extend learning to outdoor spaces and innovative environments

  • We celebrate the successes of our students and staff

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Our commitments:
  • We value the diversity and identity of our students and staff 
  •  We uphold the principles of respect for human rights and ensure equity of access and opportunity
  • We prioritize safety and promote inclusive, respectful learning and working environments
Our commitments:
  • We collaborate intentionally with partners to enhance the SCDSB experience
  • We nurture relationships built on accountability, trust and transparency
  • We support sustainable practices and appreciation for the environment
Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Our commitments:
  • We hold students and staff to high standards of achievement and accountability
  • We promote collaboration in our learning and working environments
  • We foster innovation and engagement to drive success

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Additional resources

Operational Plan - 2017-2022

The Operational Plan (updated January 2022) highlights our progress to date towards accomplishing our goals and provides details on how the board's priorities are being addressed by staff.

 2021-2022 Operational Plan outlines goals, actions and expected outcomes as we work to support our Strategic Priorities, and will be updated throughout the school year.