Strategic Priorities

Our mission: We inspire and empower learning for life.

Our vision: A community of learners achieving full potential. 

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Operational Plan


The Operational Plan (updated January 2022) highlights our progress to date towards accomplishing our goals and provides details on how the board's priorities are being addressed by staff.

 2021-2022 Operational Plan outlines goals, actions and expected outcomes as we work to support our Strategic Priorities, and will be updated throughout the school year. 

2021-2022 Operational Plan (video update) - January 2022

2020-2021 Operational Plan (video update) - August 2021
2020-2021 Operational Plan (video update) - January 2021
2019-2020 Operational Plan (video update) - August 2020
2019-2020 Operational Plan (video update) - January 2020
2019-20 Operational Plan - August 2019
2018-19 Operational Plan - January 2019
2018-19 Operational Plan - August 2018
2017-18 Operational Plan - updated January 2018
2017-18 Operational Plan - updated June 2018


More reports

We report on our work annually through our report to the community.

Our budget process and audited financial statements provide financial accountability. 

The Capital Plan includes information on current and recommended projects, including proposed new schools, accommodation reviews and attendance area reviews.

A commitment to continuous improvement


Our planning and reporting practices are based on the requirements in the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act. As lifelong learners, we strive for continuous improvement and will make revisions to our planning and reporting practices to continue to increase transparency and accountability.

Strategic Priorities 2017-2022


  • high standards of achievement for all students
  • innovative and engaging teaching practices and learning environments
  • literacy and numeracy competencies embedded in all curriculum areas
  • skills needed to thrive in a technologically-driven global society
Priority ► WELL-BEING
  • positive sense of self and belonging
  • safe, healthy, respectful learning and working cultures
  • appreciation for environmental practices and outdoor learning
  • opportunities to reflect all voices and perspectives
  • access to a broad range of programs and pathways

  • leadership opportunities for all
Priority ► COMMUNITY
  • trust, accountability and transparency
  • purposeful partnerships
  • lifelong learning
  • celebration of accomplishments