Strategic Planning

In June 2022, the SCDSB Board of Trustees approved the refreshed Strategic Priorities 2022-2027.

The SCDSB remains committed to:

  • Well-being
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Community
  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning

What is a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a set of intentional actions an organization chooses to pursue in order to achieve its goals. A strategic plan provides a clear picture of how people, activities and resources work effectively to accomplish those goals.

Why does the SCDSB need a strategic plan?

The SCDSB’s core business is education. We are committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential and we are dedicated to lifelong learning. The SCDSB strategic plan provides a framework to direct our programs, initiatives and daily operations to achieve our overall goal of student success.

Our planning and reporting practices are based on the requirements in the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (BPSAA). The BPSAA requires school boards and other organizations covered by the Act to publicly share:

  • the organization’s mandate and strategic direction
  • an overview of current and future programs and key activities
  • performance measures and targets

The revised strategic plan will include indicators to measure progress towards each of the goals, and a plan for regular review and reporting.

Stakeholder consultation

To support the development of the SCDSB Strategic Plan 2022-2027, the SCDSB conducted an online consultation with our stakeholders. This consultation took place from March 1 to 18, 2022, and provided all stakeholder groups with an opportunity to provide their input regarding the SCDSB Strategic Priorities.

Stakeholder groups included our students (Grades 7 to 12), staff, the Board of Trustees and the broader SCDSB community (including parents/guardians and community organizations).